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    No sound or sound keeps cutting in and out?  

    Please make sure your Bumpboxx is FULLY charged. Another reason for sound cutting out is you are out of Bluetooth range.

    I cannot pair my Bluetooth to my Bumpboxx

    Go to Bluetooth in phone settings. Then press the menu button on the bumpboxx panel until the Bluetooth "BLUE" is showing in the display, you will hear a chime then see "bumpboxx" in your list of devices. Click "bumpboxx" and then you will hear another chime when your pair is successful.

    You can only pair one device at a time. If you wish to pair another or change devices please disconnect the previous device before pairing the new device.

    Why is the blue light blinking while charging?

    This indicates your units have started charging.

    My LED sound motion display isn't working

    Please move your bumpboxx device out of direct sunlight. The LED display is not as visible with UV rays from the sunlight. The LEDs are only designed to come on if over 1/4 volume.

    My remote control is not working

    Please make sure you have fresh batteries installed, or make sure you are aiming your remote directly at the side panel. We use an IR remote so you will need to point at the side panel.

    My charging pack is warm while charging, is this normal?

    The battery is a very large capacity. Its normal for it to get very warm when charging from a nearly depleted battery.

    My volume is low even though the volume is turned to max

    Try pressing and holding the forward button until it reads 30 in the red display box. This is the volume override. Or your device volume is turned down. Please turn volume up on your connection or paired device.

    Warranty Info

    Bumpboxx warrants all products for up to one year


    1-year parts and repair limited manufacturer warranty.

    Bumpboxx warranty: Bumpboxx warrants all products to be free from manufacturing defects for a period of one year from the date of purchase. All warranty claims must be returned to bumpboxx prepaid. Bumpboxx will repair or replace as needed and cover the return shipping to the registered owner.


    Bumpboxx will only accept returns for product returned in unused condition, in complete original packaging, including point of sale and shipping carton, all accessories, and instructions. All returns must be within 30 days of purchase. With a 15% Restocking Fee.